Team building

"You can find out more about a person in an hour of play, that in a year of conversation"
(Richard Lingard)

Live and learn

Team building helps to prevent conflicts, improve the business climate, increase productivity, reduce the "distance" between team members and allow solutions to new problems. Today’s reality leads us to a continuous update: Bramante Events is always looking for stimuli and new ideas to meet the most diverse needs.

Team spirit

We create activities always related to the proposed destinations, with effective, dynamic and aimed at strengthening the team spirit, which entertain and actively involve all participants.

Every event achieves business goals by following the strategy of "doing it right and having fun is simply better". The activities that we organize can be married to the typical characters of a certain place, or on the contrary be adapted to the most diverse destinations. We go from more classic proposals such as Treasure Hunt and Cooking Class, to sports such as kayaking and rafting or more unusual ones such as flash mob!

16 February 2022

Shopping at the Historical Market of Rome and Cooking Class on the Tiber Island

The soul of a city is in its markets. It’s exactly from here, that...
16 February 2022

Become a master glassmaker on the island of Murano in Venice

Let yourself be enchanted by the multicolored Murano: when you disembark on the islet,...
16 February 2022

Discover Verona in the footsteps of Romeo & Juliet

Convert the Romeo and Juliet tragedy in a fairy tale! We propose an unusual...
16 February 2022

Artist for a day in Florence

Over the centuries, Florencehas fascinated intellectuals, artists and patrons becoming the cradle of culture...
16 February 2022

Dragon Boat Challenge through the canals of Venice

An alternative experience among the canals of Venice, for an original and fun discover...
16 February 2022

Vespa Tour in the heart of the Tuscan countryside

The Vespa is a true icon of Italian living and the perfect vehicle to...
16 February 2022

The Amalfi Coast aboard a Fiat500 Car

The team building activity that will make you a photojournalist on bord of Fiat...
16 February 2022

Pizza lesson in Naples, all the secrets of real Italian pizza

All the secrets of the real Italian pizza: from the office to the pizzeria,...
Capri by boat bramante events
16 February 2022

Boat Cruise to Capri and its Sea Stacks

Nothing better than a boat trip in Capri to combine the beauty of nature...
Flash Mob Bramante Events
16 February 2022

Flash Mob with Bramante!

Here we have a unique experience where you will be the protagonist. If you...