Flash Mob with Bramante!

Here we have a unique experience where you will be the protagonist. If you combine the English words “flash” and “mob”, you will obtain “flash mob“. It is a movement of a group of people who meets in a public place for a dance, a song or
– in general – for a coordinated action. At the end of that, this movement will fade as fast as it appeared.

Being spectators of a flash mob is confusing but also exciting:you will see people who starts singing or dancing all around you, but then you will realize that is an organized show. It allows to switch from unbelief and embarrassment to joy and fun. A fast pinwheel of emotions.

We propose different types of flash mobs. One of the most loved is the lyrical one: during a meal, some waiters – who are serving food – start singing some famous Italian operas, involving the guests for a collective chorus.

For a more involving team building,the group can be the real character of the flash mob. They can create and play a choreography or a song. Every step will be followed from professional artists and shot from a video maker, from the planning of the activity and the rehearsal to the staging of the show. This activity is extremely creative and the theme, the organization and the location where it will take place can be customized.

The Bramante Flash mob is the perfect experience to round off all types of incentive trips! [INTERNAL LINK.Category: incentive


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