Pizza lesson in Naples, all the secrets of real Italian pizza

All the secrets of the real Italian pizza: from the office to the pizzeria, team collaboration!

Striving together in recreational activities encourages the establishment of a group spirit; facilitates the cooperation and strengthens the complicity. All this can happen in an alternative way to have a break from work. So, step for one day into the shoes of a pizza chef, leaving the office desk behind. You will experience first-hand the creativity and the technique of the realization of a real Neapolitan pizza. But, where? Just there, where beauty, art, folklore, history, culture and kitchen have been melting for centuries: in Naples.

Pizza is one of the most famous and appreciated Italian dishes. It was born in the first half of 19th century and became right away a universal dish. We propose you a fun and tasty pizza lesson as team building activity. Participants will delight with pizza dough and the wood oven to learn the secrets and the technique of Neapolitan pizza masters.

The group will be divided into brigades, joining their forces to create their own pizza. At the end of the preparation, participants will sit at the table to taste the result of their work and the pizza master will reward the best brigade. He will consider the originality of ingredients, the dough and the general aesthetics of the pizza. The participants will bring home a great educational experience, as well as the secrets to replicate one of the most famous Italian traditions to their family and guests.

The activity is customizable and we can enrich itwith aprons and gadgets for all the participants; certificates of participation; parchment with the recipe and a toast with a glass of Prosecco.

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