Become a master glassmaker on the island of Murano in Venice

Let yourself be enchanted by the multicolored Murano: when you disembark on the islet, you will feel like you are in a timeless wonderland. Stroll through the alleys and canals of this colorful world, you will feel suspended out of time and you will be ready to live your day as a glass master.

Glass is an ancient and fascinating art. An art that has been wisely handed down from generation to generation on the island, keeping itself alive and increasing its fame in the four corners of the globe. Murano glass is synonymous with value and talent , both in the elegance of shapes and in the sparkle of colors. Handling this delicate art, feeling the protagonists of a moment of creation , is the right experience to enter into a deep connection with the Venetian soul .

You will cross the threshold of a real school for glass masters. The glassmakers will guide you in the millenary tradition of glass processing with a practical demonstration . Magic happens near the ovens: the enveloping heat of the flames transforms the glass
into something hybrid, something that is still glass without yet having its consistency. It is there that the powerful breath of the artisans intervenes, who whisper to this shapeless material and shape it, dominating it with the strength of their breath alone. Some volunteers will have the opportunity to handle the tools of the trade themselves and try their hand at blowing . For everyone, there will be the opportunity to experiment with glass fusing starting from glass in solid form, to each create their own personal plate.

The team building activity will follow: a fun creative workshop during which each group will design a glass plate based on a surprise theme.


The activity can be customized:

  • “lume technique” demonstration for the creation of small jewels or precious objects
  • plates made by each participant donated as a small souvenir
  • surprise theme choice for the workshop
  • jury of experts to decide the winning group of the laboratory
  • prize for the winners and / or gadgets for all participants
  • aperitif or toast at the end of the activity
  • special dinner at the end of the activity inside the glass factory

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