Discover Verona in the footsteps of Romeo & Juliet

Convert the Romeo and Juliet tragedy in a fairy tale!

We propose an unusual way to visit the romantic city of Verona. You will do it by retracing the city with the eyes of Romeo and Juliet, the main characters of a great love story popular all over the world. From the iconic balcony to the houses of the two lovers until the tomb of Juliet. We are going to the discover of the most secret and intimate places related to the Shakespeare tragedy.

Then, you will be ready to free your creativity: change the end of their turbulent story making it a delightful fairy tale.

As in every fairy tale, also this one will end with a magical and evocative banquet which will offer the 1500’s typicality of Verona. Fun and culinary delights will be the two protagonists of this stimulating activity which is fully customizable
following your needs.

The team building can be enriched with a theatrical performance of the new ends made up by the participants; by using real period costumes; with the possibility of looking out from Juliet balcony to step into the shoes of the unlucky girl; with an initial aperitif; with gastronomic stops; with gadgets and prizes for the participants.

Verona is one of the new emerging Italian destinationsand we have so many ideas to make your incentive trip a real special one. Let you be inspired from the activities of our themed incentives. [INTERNAL LINK: category, incentive]

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