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The best trekking trials

Pathsare becoming more and more real experiences of lifewhich can reveal a secret Italy full of surprises. Actually, walking is an intense, deep and exciting way to reach and to know a destination. The Peninsula is crossed by many paths which are very different from each other because of the wide variety of Italian landscapes. We will recommend you the best path for your incentive, organizing also all the logistic aspects. We will suggest the most beautiful routes and the […]

Jeep Tour at the slopes of a volcano

Here we have an excursion you will remember forever! Volcanoes have a really unique charm mixed with fear thanks to their characteristic landscapes and the disruptive perception of the force of nature ready to manifest. I n Italy there are few active volcanoes which can be explored in complete safety. Wherever is your destination, we will organize an experience on a 4×4 Jeep to reach the top of the volcano, between lava flows and craters. Where possible, the excursion on […]

Bike tours in the countryside or in the city

The cycling holiday is a new frontier of tourism: discovering the territory at you own pace, on two-wheeled vehicles suited to every destination and to every physical condition. From the excursions in mountain bike to the e-bike for city cycling. The world of cycling tourism offers a really wide range of options. In particular, the city bike tour represents an alternative and fun way to visit a destination. It can be combined to gastronomic stops for a truly complete experience. […]

Rafting, Kayak & Water Sports

Outdoor water activities suitable for all, from more to less sporty people. These activities will take place along crystal clear water rivers or lakes, where the guests will put out into the deep for fun and high-adrenaline adventures. Raftingis one of the most engaging group experiences, with descents in close contact with nature which allows the discovering of wild and authentic scenarios. The thrill of a bath in the fresh river wateris something not to be missed! Everything is conducted […]