Jeep Tour at the slopes of a volcano

Here we have an excursion you will remember forever! Volcanoes have a really unique charm mixed with fear thanks to their characteristic landscapes and the disruptive perception of the force of nature ready to manifest. I n Italy there are few active volcanoes which can be explored in complete safety. Wherever is your destination, we will organize an experience on a 4×4 Jeep to reach the top of the volcano, between lava flows and craters. Where possible, the excursion on Jeep will be alternated with tract of foot to take a closer look at the volcanic landscapes.

Every volcano has its own peculiarity that will make your incentive a really incredible trip:

  • on the Vesuvius– located at the entrance of Naples – you can go up along the cone of the volcano and walk on the mouth of the crater.
  • on the majestic Aetna – in Sicily – you will go up to 2,500 metres of height to take a closer look at some lateral craters still active and often smoking. You will perceive the heat of volcanic rocks all around.
  • On the isle ofStromboli volcano, in the Aeolian archipelago. Here, you can admire with your own eyes shower of lapilli and – with any luck – the suggestive “sciara”, that is the lava flow which descends to the sea.

For an even exclusive experience, we can also organizevolcanic helicopter tour.

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