Rafting, Kayak & Water Sports

Outdoor water activities suitable for all, from more to less sporty people. These activities will take place along crystal clear water rivers or lakes, where the guests will put out into the deep for fun and high-adrenaline adventures.

Raftingis one of the most engaging group experiences, with descents in close contact with nature which allows the discovering of wild and authentic scenarios. The thrill of a bath in the fresh river wateris something not to be missed!

Everything is conducted in complete safety thanks to the experienced guides. This can be integrated with other activities:

  • hydrospeed for the ones who want to go through a stretch of river by themselves.
  • Also,canyoning is available for an extra physical involvement: you will descent into narrow gorges crossed by small water streams.

Are you ready to follow the current?


If we move to the beach, the range of activities is really wide and we can propose every type of aquatic sport: from windsurf to kitesurf, from water skiing boat to kayak. In particular, on board of multicolored canoes we will take you to explore scenic coasts, stopping for a bath in the most amazing beaches.

Every activity can take place in so many Italian destinations and can be customized on the basis of your needs. Between seas and lakes you are spoiled for choice! Moreover, we can always add a gastronomic moment for a toast, a light lunch or an aperitif on the beach.

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