Venice, unique experiences for a unique city

Venice needs no introduction.

A unique city in the world, where even the simplest activities become special experiences. Arrive downtown by ferry, stroll along the canals, sip a coffee in St. Mark’s Square or dine overlooking the lagoon, just to name a few. In a city with such a strong tourist vocation, it is essential to rely on an operator who allows you to get off the beaten track, capable of surprising in a place that is already surprising.

For example, here is one of our programs in Venice.


Top destination Venice: incentive travel program

DAY 1.

Arrival in the lagoon and in Piazza San Marco for the inevitable ritual photos. After a guided tour of the historic center , among suggestive bridges, canals and canals, stop in a workshop of typical Venetian masks for a workshop during which you can immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of the famous Venetian carnival and get to work to create and decorate
your mask!

Afterwards, embarkation for a tour of Venice by sea aboard a magnificent sailing ship : aperitif at sunset and unforgettable dinner on the boat with an open-bar during navigation, to fully appreciate the beauty of the lagoon at night.

DAY 2.

Experience in Dragon Boat for the Venetian canals : after a simulation to learn the best how to paddle, adventure along the canals aboard these special original and fun 20-seater 12-meter canoes. After sailing, it’s time for the race: a speed challenge between the various boats with a finish line and a final prize!

Lunch in a typical tavern in the Ghetto area of Venice, then transfer by boat to Murano , famous all over the world for its blown glass creations. Walk among the colorful houses that characterize the islet and arrive at a real glass factory to try your hand at this ancient traditional art. After a demonstration of glass making in traditional furnaces, become a master glassmaker for a day: you can decorate a glass object yourself to take home as a souvenir.

Classy dinner in an elegant restaurant with a terrace overlooking the water and a view of the lagoon.

DAY 3.

Transfer by boat to a very special island in the lagoon, where an ancient Venetian “walled vineyard” stands . The native grape of the lagoon has been grown here for centuries and this traditional cultivation still resists today, producing a fine wine with special brackish notes.

After the visit to the vineyard, wine tasting and outdoor lunch.

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