Unusual and original Rome

There is a classical Rome, the “Dolce Vita” and the big monuments one. But there is also another Rome, the hidden one. The “Eternal City” has a thousand faces: it is amazing walking around the city centre, from Navona Square and Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum. But Rome is beautiful also for the most original places. Sometimes also Romans don’t know them, but these places are so amazing that deserve to be visited, and we will accompany you to discover them. If the novelty and the “wow” effect is what you are looking for, we will organize for you a customized and original program, rich of surprising experiences.

Top destination Rome: incentive program

DAY 1.

Gastronomic Tour in the city centre: you will walk among the unmissable monuments to the discovery of the Baroque Rome. The guides will also take you to visit some special places, e.g the Ancient Pharmacy of Santa Maria della Scala, Villa Farnesina with Raffaello frescoes or Coppedé district. We will alternate these visits with gastronomic stops to taste the best Roman street food, from “pizza e mortazza” to the real artisan gelato.

In the afternoon, Tour on an Electric Golf Car to explore the Roman side of the city. First of all, the Colosseum that will take your breath away. Then, you will drive next to the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus until the Aventine Hill. You will continue to Tiber embankment to reach Villa Borghese Park.

Here, the tour ends in the heart of the park with a delicious picnic aperitif. The picnic will be set up with biodegradable materials and cutleries in full respect of the environment. Take a break with a refreshing soft drink and delicious organic snacks, among multicolor pillows and towels.

The same itinerary can be also done on a Vespa.

DAY 2.

Let’s have fun with a real Italian cooking class. It begins with the grocery shopping in a local food market. Guided by the chef, we will find out the secrets of every ingredient. We will choose which one to buy and after that, we will go to the kitchen school which is located in the Tiber Island. Divided into teams, there will be a challenge cooking a pasta dish and a real Italian tiramisu. At the end, the best team wins a special prize and all together we eat what we cooked.

After lunch, there is another unforgettable experience: a trip into the world of scents inside a boutique perfumery. A trip into the perfumes which ends with a sensory gameto recognize the essences. At the end, a goodbye toast.

Cocktail with a 360 degrees panoramicview on a magnificent terrace on the roofs of Rome. Then, the Gala Dinner.

DAY 3.

Tour on wonderful vintage carsoutside the city centre: you will leave the city through the fascinating ancient Appian Way with its spectacular views on the Roman aqueducts.
You will reach Castel Gandolfo, picturesque village which is the summer residence of the Pope.

Goodbye lunch with view on Lake Albano.


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