Perfume workshop and challenge to the best sense of smell!

Have you ever thought about having a journey into perfume? The sense of smell will be the main character thanks to a fun and unique activity which will give a touch of luxury to your incentive.

We will accompany you inside a charming perfumerywhich will offer you rare suggestions and authentic emotions. Guests will be firstly guided to the discovery of the best raw materials from which perfumers essences were born. Participants will be immersed into all those memories flowed from fragrances, also through a guided relaxation. Then, there will be the moment of the challenge: afun sensorial gamewhich combines smell and taste, in search of ingredients hidden inside pastries specially prepared based on the essences presented.

The workshop will be managed by experienced perfumers and can be customized as you prefer. We can organize souvenirs such a high quality perfumes. Who wants to buy a perfume for himself or buy it as a present for someone, we can plan a special discount and personal consulting that will help you to buy the perfect fragrance. Furthermore, we can offerperfumes created at the time based on the taste of each person.

We can add a “goodbye” toast or an aperitif inside the perfumery or in adjacent spaces.

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