Category : Fashion & Lifestyle

Model for a day: make-up & fashion show

What you think about having a fashion experience for fashionguests during an incentive trip? The activity will begin with a make-up session. There will be professional make-up artists who will make up the participants. The peculiar traits of every guest will be exalted to discover a new light on their faces. This sessioncan be organized as a team game. The experts will give useful advices that the participants will put into practice on real models. We can organize a themed […]

Perfume workshop and challenge to the best sense of smell!

Have you ever thought about having a journey into perfume? The sense of smell will be the main character thanks to a fun and unique activity which will give a touch of luxury to your incentive. We will accompany you inside a charming perfumerywhich will offer you rare suggestions and authentic emotions. Guests will be firstly guided to the discovery of the best raw materials from which perfumers essences were born. Participants will be immersed into all those memories flowed […]

Original and fun photo shoots

If you want to surprise your guests during an incentive trip, suggest them one of our unique and customized photo shooting! We love playing with lights, colors, effects and illusions. We offer a photo shooting with a professional photographer specialized in performances with lights. In a dark photo studio, the photographer will tell to the participants about the light art and she will create a multi-coloured atmosphere around them. Every shot is tailored for each guest. Every picture is unique […]