Spiritual Journeys

For those who need to have a break from the everyday life. For those who want to “disconnect” and
focus on their own inner peace. For those who are looking forwell-being or personal growth. For those who want to take a path of rediscovery and for those who are curious of living a different experience.

The spiritual journeys we propose you are not just religious itineraries in a narrow sense. What we mean for spiritual journey is to also visit those natural wonders which allow to rediscover
the equilibrium of the soul.

The sacredness and the introspection are the main characteristics of this alternative tourist facilities. They move away from the classic destinations and they reflect a well-defined inner need. Understanding the client needs, we can organize the best suited experience and enrich it with tailored activities to create a real spiritual journey.

For the pilgrims, we propose offers which include one or more of the main Italian religious destinations – Rome, Assisi, Cascia, San Giovanni Rotondo, Loreto, etc. – suitable for all budgets and always customizable according to individual needs.


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