Shabby-chic picnic in the nature

Here we have an original experience that will enrich your incentive and will make it a really unique one!

Urban green areas, natural parks, private gardens… the location you prefer will become the frame for an elegant and eco-friendly picnic on the grass. The area will be decorated with pastel color pillows, ribbons and lights. Trees and all the natural elements will become part of the set, for a complete immersion in the nature.

For lunch,seasonal and typical productswill be served. Some examples are: sandwiches and pasta salad, prosciutto and melon, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and typical cheese, focaccia and mini pizzas. Food will be placed on trays positioned in the middle of the area. In this way, guests can serve themselves and then sit on the sheets positioned all around the buffet. The atmosphere will be bucolic but also chic thanks to the many decorative details. Plates, glasses and cutleries… everything is going to be biodegradable, in the full respect for the environment.

To make this experience even more special, after lunch we can organize a massage session surrounded by the greenery with professional masseurs. They will put their couch in a dedicated area of the park to give to the guests a moment of relax.


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