Experience the grape harvest or fruit harvest as it once was

Going back to the origins, to the ancient traditions, to the land in the most literal sense of the word. For a truly green experience, we will give you one day as a farmer in the most authentic countryside. During this day, you will enjoy feelings often lost because of the frenetic life in the city.

According to the season of the incentive trip, we propose activities of harvest or fruit picking. You will take the fruit directly from the tree and live an experience difficult to put into words. It is that same charm which still today leads so many families to dedicate themselves to the agriculture, passing it on the next generation. That is why lots of young people make it their job which becomes an ancient and modern job at the same time.

In particular, the harvest has all its own magic:after harvesting grapes and following all the phases of the production, the taste of the new wine is going to have an even more intense flavour! But not just grapes: we can organize harvest of cherries, strawberries, figs or something else depending on the chosen destination.

Every activity is customizable e we can add tastings of typical products, lunches in the vineyard or dinners under the starry sky.


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