Tour wine in the best wine cellars

Okay for the goof food, but also the good wine has its importance!

Italian territory is rich of wineries and cellarsand most of them are the real attraction of the place you will visit. Historical cellars will enchant you thanks to the charm of rural traditions. You will feel the contact with the land, becoming part of something ancestral and delicate. On the other hand, the cellars of design will surprise you for their modern shapes in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside. It is a combination of past and future that will make you feel as part of the evolution of vintner’s art.

Naturally, after the visit of the cellar there will be the tasting moment: we will let you taste the best Italian wines. You will be guided from experienced sommeliers in the culinary discover of the peculiar characteristics of wines, of their history and of how to taste them correctly to appreciate all their shades.

We can also organize an aperitif or a lunch in the vineyard, completely surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the countryside.

If you will have the good fortune of organizing your incentive trip during the harvest-time, we can let you live an ever more unique experience. You will be part of the harvest in a fun and engaging way.

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