The pleasure of real Italian street food with our food trucks

The core of the street food is the street itself. Is on the street that a new way of consuming food quickly was born. You can consume typical dishes easy to be eaten while standing. The origins of street food are very ancient. It is told that in the ancient Greece street vendors used to prepare hot soups for the passers-by. So, street food has always existed and it has been shaped according to the culinary traditions of the various places. The street food revives these ancient dishes creating their easier and faster versions.

This is the spirit that we want to recreate with our proposal: small but rich itinerant tastings. They will be organized in the most characteristic corners of the destination of your incentive trip, in collaboration with our food truck partners.

Also for this experience, we can customize your incentive with the food truck perfect for you.

  • Here we are some examples: – Food truck “Pizza & Mortadella” surrounded by the green of a Rome park
  • – Food truck with a wood oven for a hot pizza in Naples
  • – Food truck to taste the real Limoncello in a panoramic viewpoint of Amalfi Coast
  • – Food truck of taralli & focaccia accompanied by a good wine glass in an Apulian farmhouse
  • – Food truck for a great Italian coffee and croissant along the streets of Milan
  • – Gelato Food truck to enjoy the quality of Italian artisanal gelato wherever you want!

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