Category : Cultural and art cities

Guided and photographic walking tours with panoramic stops

Combine fun and culture with a guided walk in the city centre. Every Italian city has a fascinating historical centre, rich of art and curiosity. Among alleys and shops accompanied by an expert guide, the tour provides some special panoramic stops. Panoramic viewpoints, terraces or just hidden sights… you will discover the most beautiful corners where you can take a selfie or be photographed in a perfect “Dolce vita” style. For individual fun pictures or great group photos, we can […]

Treasure hunt in the historic center of the art cities!

During incentives, the treasure hunt is probably one of the most popular and fun activities. For an alternative discovery of cities, we can organize for you a themed treasure hunt where is the city itself which becomes the “treasure”. Everything can be customized, from the theme to the organization of teams, from the gadgets needed for the activity to the prize for winners. Naturally, itineraries and clues will be adapted to the needing of the client, but also to the […]